Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Passion Project Update: Week 9ish

Chris and I are still making good progress and rolling through our passion project on stereotypes.  During our last check we answered some of our key questions and got started on our first stereotype, dumb blondes. Since then we analyzed that generalization and found out everything about it that we wanted to and have started on new stereotypes such as the bad Asian drivers one and Chris is has made a list of many more we should touch on by making a class survey. This is important because now we have a lot of ideas and things to do. We wont be drawing a blank for a while and have plenty of work t do and slides to fill up. (Not that a project is defined as good by the amount of slides it has). This is the kind of thing I do for most of my projects. I always have a list of ideas and content to include beforehand so I never draw a blank later on and always have work to do. I did this for my Sports and Slang passion projects so it shows how I always have a strategy or work pattern I always use or have just in case.  I think we have done good in this work period and have made progress while setting the path for much more. Now all we have to do is research the topics on our list and dive deep into every stereotype we can think of.  Im sure we can think up of more famous generalizations that are not on our list.

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