Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Passion Project Update: Week 2

For mine and Chris's passion project we are researching stereotypes. How they started, why they started, and if they apply to the majority of the people categorized.  For the first two weeks of the project I feel that we have made some great progress. We have created our title slide and added our unique touch on it and added a basic picture of stereotypes. Then like I always do, I defined what I am researching. But more importantly we have done some real research and have began to answer some of our questions. For example, together we found out how some of the ways stereotypes started such as beliefs being passed on from parents to offspring. We also found out why people used them like easier categorization of people instead of deeply getting to know individuals, and felling superiority. I feel like getting the answer to some of our key questions in just two Fridays is good progress. If w can focus on the important parts of assignments in the future we can make great progress very quickly by not spending as much time on the little things and getting to work on the big picture. I always have patterns in my research such as defining and answering a general open question. Then I look into the different categories of the topic. That's why I feel that the work we have completed so far is important because we have answered the general opening question which was a huge part of our project overall. In the next weeks Chris and I will brainstorm as many stereotypes as we can and look into each one. We will find out their origins, how and why they spread, and if they generally true or not. I look forward to keep on working on this project.