Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passion Project Midway Reflection

     So we have been working on our passion project for about 8 weeks. But that's only 8 days in school. We all could have been working at home as well. Unfortunately, I have not.  My passion Project for this semester is The Evolution and History of Different Sports.  I feel that I could have done better over these days.  I think that when we first started, I was being lazy.  I completed less than a slide for the first couple of days.  I kind of wanted to play on Cool Math most of the class time.  Then during the rest of the days I feel that I have stepped up my progress.  I was finishing 2-3 slides each class and limited playing time.  But I still only have completed 8 slides, and there are so many other sports to talk about. I think that I was getting lazy because each sport has a lot of history to talk about.  But fro now until the end of the second quarter I will focus each passion project day strictly on my Project.  I will get a lot of progress done and I won't play games.