Wednesday, October 23, 2013


     Grades.  We fear them, we obsess over them, we are proud of them, and we feel our futures revolve around them.
     Grades are to see how well you are doing in school and all of your classes.  It also shows how good of a job your teachers are doing in teaching. That would be the answer school wants you to say.  They really determine your college, and most entire future.  They are something you really need to keep up and focus on. That's why we all despise them.  They shouldn't be so huge.
     I feel that a 100 point scale for grading should be abandoned. For example, you shouldn't be graded like that on things like art, music, PE, and theater.  Also things like essays shouldn't be graded like that especially in literature.  Only tests should be like that but not for open ended questions which should be separately graded. For example, in LA this year we can only get a 95 because the teacher says writing is never perfect.
     Like I said we should use the current system on tests but not on open ended answers or essays.  Those kind of things should be standard graded.  Also in things like music, art, theater, and PE which require skill and passion, it's no fair to be graded with a number.  Why should you fail music and media just because you can't sing well? Why should you have a bad grade in Gym just because you don't even like volleyball?  You should be able to choose what you want to learn in school.  Of course everyone must know the basic subjects though.  And I feel grades don't always show what you really know.  For instance, you can lose points in my Honors Geometry class for using pencil.  Or you can get extra points in science for typing your report. But overall I hope the system gets updated and adjusted to perfection soon.